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Not the typical consulting firm...

There are lots of consultants out there. We're sure some of them are very good at what they do. But what makes us different?

We're seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with decades of hands-on experience running our own business operations and making our clients successful. Our experience allows us to do what others can't—look at your business holistically.

We've been there on the front lines: writing and executing award-winning business plans and marketing plans, developing standalone and web-based applications to solve complex business needs or to deliver exceptional customer experiences, and raising millions in funding from angel and venture capital investors. We've played a key role in generating billions of dollars in revenue.

We're always growing so we can help others grow, and we've acquired a wealth of knowledge over the years that we're happy to share. Our passion is helping businesses become great successes—helping them transform into something more.

The bottom line: we know what it means to be "in business" and not just write or theorize about it. Let Brass Ring Consulting Group be your guide.

  • Startups to Fortune 500
  • Retail, Food & Beverage
  • Music, Film & TV
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Technology
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$2 bil+
22 mil+
top marketing consultant
SharpSpring Partner

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marketing consultant

Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant, we're experts at everything B2B to B2C: from CRM to marketing automation systems, to internet marketing services such as SEO marketing services and SEM / PPC search engine marketing services, to traditional marketing and brand-building, loyalty, affiliate and referral programs. Think of us as your award-winning virtual Marketing Department (or a supplement to your existing Marketing team).
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business plan writer

Business Plans & PPMs

We create rock-solid, comprehensive business plan and PPM documents that speak to investors and the professionals they hire. We never work from templates, and we've raised millions of dollars with our proven, effective approach. We're affordable, with a fast turnaround. When put in front of investors, 100% of our plans have received funding.
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startup funding

Venture Funding

Let's face it: raising money from angel investors and VC firms is difficult. Even applying for SBA funding is a challenge. We've been there many times and know exactly how to do it successfully and without legal worries by preparing PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) and other documents that protect both you and your investors. (We even consider funding special projects ourselves.)
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technology and web development

Technology & Web Development

Web development, application development, proprietary algorithms, big data analytics, cloud hosting, custom integrations, eCommerce platforms, loyalty and referral programs... we know how to bring it all together.
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product management

Product Strategy

Launching a new brand or introducing a new product? We'll help you build a solid go-to-market plan and protect your intellectual property. Don't have a "brand" yet? We'll help you come up with one.
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finance consultant

Finance Consulting

Avoid pitfalls down the road by putting in place a well-considered business entity and finance structure that allows for equity and debt funding, vested stock grants, employee profit-sharing and more.
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Guide to SEO Marketing Services

Guide to SEO Marketing Services

What makes SEO marketing services effective? What does SEO stand for in marketing? What businesses does it work best for? Are there drawbacks to SEO? We answer questions like these.
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What is Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation?

What is marketing automation and what can it do for you? Is your business ready for a marketing automation? What should you look for in a marketing automation platform? We answer these questions and more.
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Tips on how to write a business plan that secures investment.

How To Write A Business Plan To Raise Money

Writing a business plan that actually raises money from investors is both an art and a science. Just as important as the presence of certain key elements is the creativity and expertise that goes into writing it. Here we outline some of the components of a solid business plan as well share a few tips that have contributed to our 100% success rate in raising funds from our plans.
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We are headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, but are equipped to address the needs of clients everywhere with offices at over 3,000 locations around the world.

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