We provide a comprehensive set of internet marketing services to amplify your marketing message.

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SEO Marketing Services
SEO (or "Search Engine Optimization") is about making sure your business and its products are found in internet searches. We help you acquire "organic" (i.e. non-paid) traffic to your website and product / service pages. We do this with "white-hat" (100% safe) techniques to optimize the content of your web pages and your technical website structure, and acquire "backlinks" to your website from reputable, trustworthy sources. [Note this is different from paid search ads, which is frequently used alongside SEO work to accelerate your customer acquisition.]

Proper SEO is a vitally important part of any digital marketing plan, and yields the greatest long-term return on investment. Read more

SEM and Digital Ads
SEM (or "Search Engine Marketing") involves building and executing highly targeted, paid ad campaigns via search engines (for example, Google Adwords and Bing Ads). We can also launch digital display ad campaigns and re-targeting (replaying your ad message for users who previously engaged with your ads). It's a fast way to gain traffic and acquire leads / tranactions, but is carefully managed and optimized to ensure you're not wasting money on acquiring traffic that doesn't convert (transact).

Our work doesn't end with creating and deploying ads—it extends to your website, where we create compelling landing pages that convert visitors into leads and revenue!

If you already use a CRM or marketing automation platform, we integrate with it. If you don't yet, we can arm you with these capabilities—affordably. It's incredibly valuable to have in-place.

Reach out for more on SEM campaigns

Reputation Management
The best way to acquire and maintain a good reputation—or repair a damaged one—is to control your image. We give you that control.

Collecting reviews and feedback from your customers is not only helpful in fine-tuning your product or service, but an important means of establishing—and keeping—a great online reputation.

Good reviews can improve your online traffic and sales. But no business is perfect, and bad reviews can happen. When they do, they tend to have a negative impact on your sales. One recent study revealed that one bad review can reduce sales by as much as 22%! How do you counter the impact of negative reviews? Answer: just don't let them get posted.

Our Reputation Management solution ensures negative reviews get filtered and sent directly to your customer service team, and good reviews land on Google, Yelp, Facebook or any other review platform(s) you choose. Contact us for a demo

Social Media Management
Your social media must be an extension of your overall content marketing strategy when looking to acquire new customers. Social media also presents an important channel between you and your existing customers. It's important to act quickly when responding to customer comments.

We help maintain and grow your audience with social media. Whether posting new product announcements, drawing attention to blog content, or launching promotional campaigns via social media, we will handle it. Contact us to learn more

Strategic Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most effective and low-cost ways to engage your customers and prospects. Collecting and maintaining a permission based email marketing list in compliance with CAN-SPAM and GDPR regulations is not only vital for protecting your business from costly fines and lawsuits, but also important for building your brand. And when it comes to using your email list, there's a right way and a wrong way!

Although commonly done by companies of all sizes, blasting a "one size fits all" message to your email list is damaging to your brand and will soon turn your hard-won list to mush. Customers and prospects that receive emails talking about subjects they have no interest in will soon unsubscribe, or worse, mark your email as spam and thus affect deliverability of your emails to the rest of your customers!

Instead, we build and manage email marketing campaigns to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time. Emails shouldn't be "one size fits all" but should be tailored to the interests of different segments of customers or prospects. Simply put, give your people more of what they're interested in, and you'll continue to engage them; continue engaging and you'll stay top-of-mind with them. When they're ready to buy, they'll think of YOU. Contact us to learn more about how an email marketing strategy can make a difference to your bottom line.

Our philosophy...

We adhere to a simple philosophy that produces big results: "Marketing doesn't work in a silo." In other words, in order for marketing to translate into success for your business, it must not be isolated from the other departments that make up your company—it must be in sync with everything.

What does this mean to you? We tailor digital marketing plans with all aspects of your business in mind. We ensure your marketing is aligned with your sales team, your financial plans, and your operations.

Generating leads and transactions is the primary objective of course.

But what happens if your sales team isn't armed with as much information as possible about a prospect when they reach out? What happens if your finance team didn't plan for an explosion of new business, or if things take more time to get off the ground? What happens if your operations team isn't equipped to handle the customer service needed to keep a mass of new customers happy and coming back?

We consider all these things when building and executing any marketing. And if the infrastructure isn't in place to make sure the right marketing information flows to the right stakeholders, we build it.

Of course, if you're looking for someone to manage your Facebook account, tighten-up your SEO, or launch some Google ads, we can do that too.

Rest assured, we have your success in mind, and we approach every client with a holistic view of their business—with the experience to back it up. That's the Brass Ring difference.

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