The SBA estimates that the typical entrepreneur spends approximately 400 hours writing a business plan—time better spent working on your business or fine-tuning your startup concept. Hiring business plan writers with the backing of a full-service consulting firm like Brass Ring Consulting Group will save you considerable time and money.

We write award-winning business plans

We write proven effective, rock-solid business plans, pitch decks and PPM documents to secure loans, attract angel investors and venture capital/private equity funding, or meet visa requirements. A business plan can also serve as a valuable roadmap for your growing business. We drive results affordably and with a fast turnaround. Put our expertise to work for you.

  • 100% Custom Documents - NO Templates
  • Work Done BY Entrepreneurs, FOR Entrepreneurs
  • World-class Business Plans and PPMs

What sets us apart?

What sets us apart from the typical "business plan factory" is our pedigree. At Brass Ring Consulting Group we're much more than graduates of top-notch Business Schools or skilled writers—we're seasoned entrepreneurs.

Yes, we've won awards for our plans, including Top Business Plan from the top-rated Entrepreneurship program at the USC Marshall School of Business. But we also know what it means to be in business and not just write about it. We have first-hand experience working with small and large businesses alike, and ventures ranging from oil & gas to entertainment, technology to consumer products, restaurants to craft breweries and much more.

The result? We're proud to say that 100% of our business plans have received funding when put in front of investors.

What makes a great business plan?

A solid business plan is truly a complex document that needs to not only convey your "great idea" and your enthusiasm as a business owner, but do so in a way that clearly shows you have a firm grasp of the many disciplines that make up a successful business—from building a great management team, to Marketing and Sales, to Operations and Finance. That's where Brass Ring Consulting Group can lend our decades of real-world, holistic experience across these business disciplines to deliver what others can't.

It's important to understand what goes into a winning business plan. Read more about how to write a business plan that effectively raises money from investors.

What is a "PPM" and do I need one?

When seeking equity investment funding, also having a PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) and accompanying disclosure documents is ESSENTIAL to protecting both you and your investors. The last thing any business owner needs is for an investor to claim you "misled" them and sue for their money back; it's also the last thing any other investors—or potential investors—want to see as well!

Writing a business plan? We make your life easier.

Entrepreneurs are—and should be—close to their business, but many have a difficult time communicating their great idea or business model to investors or the professionals they hire to evaluate investment opportunities. After 25+ years of writing award-winning Business Plans and PPMs, we know what it takes to get funding regardless of the state of the economy. What are the investor turn-ons? What are the red flags? What's realistic and what's unfounded blue sky? We know.

We're Los Angeles business plan writers.

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